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Driving in Turkey

  When driving in Turkey the speed limit is 50 Km per hour around town and 90km per hour on the highways. For minibuses and combi cars the speed limit is 80km

Fine Ticket
  If you are caught speeding you will be issued with a parking fine by the Traffic Police. The Police may stop you and issue the fine, or they may take photographic evidence and send the fine to us later.
Likewise, be careful of parking in Kas.  Watch out for no parking signs on the main roads. Be especially careful around supermarkets a notorious catching spot. Side roads and allocated parking bays are usually fine.  The car park is the safest place of course.

Credit Card
  For this reason we ask for your credit card details in all circumstances, which will enable you to pay the fine easily, once notified.
If you are parked illegally you will be issued with a fine. The notice may be handed to you or it may be sent on to where the vehicle is registered Andifli. We will inform you of any traffic violations before paying the fine on your behalf from your credit card.

  If you are involved in any kind of accident whilst driving, please do not move the car from the place of incident. If the car is moved before a police report is made, the insurance is made invalid.  If in any doubt please call us on 0090 532 264 3795.

  Please be sure to keep electronic car keys dry. If wet, the car won t work.

Buy the KGS cards
  If traveling long distances or between cities, you may find your route includes toll roads and toll bridges. You will need to purchase a card to access these roads. Please check your route carefuly before setting off on your journey.
You can purchase cards from all Shell garages. There are two kinds of cards;
Do not buy the automatic cards as your car needs to be fitted with special equipment for these.
Buy the KGS cards.
KGS1 for cars
KGS2 for minivans
The prices are 20 lira or 50 lira and can be used multiple times.
When you approach the toll gate look out for the green KGS sign. Insert your card and wait unt?l the red screen turns green. If your card is removed before the screen turns green you will recieve a fine.
If the screen has the message I?lem taman you can proceed.
If the message is Gecersiz kart the card is invalid and you cannot proceed.
You can see on the screen how much money remains on the card.

  When we deliver the car to you the petrol tank will not be full. You are expected to return the car with the same amount of petrol as recieved. If you recieved the car with a quarter of a tank and you return it with a half a tank, we are unable to refund Money spent on petrol.

  If you are a resident of Turkey you are required to have to carry a notarised copy of your Driving licence translated in Turkish together with a driving licence from your country.
 In Turkey you must always carry your driving licence with you. If you are stopped by the police and cannot produce your licence you will be issued with a fine.