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Terms & Conditions

Drivers Licence & Age Limits;

For groups CDMR, IWMR minimum age requirement is 22 with at least one year of valid national or international driving licence.

For groups SDMR, SWMR minimum age requirement is 25 with at least two years of valid national or international driving licence.

For groups VIP minimum age requirement is 27 with at least tree years of valid national or international driving licence.

Rental Period;

Rental periods are calculated on a 24 hour basis.

Additional Driver;

In order to have additional person drive the car alog with original renter, the details of their driving licence(s) must be registered in the rental agreement at the time of issuing contract. Otherwise all insurance coverage become void and both the renter and the additional driver will be held fully responsible legally and financially for any and all damages and losses to company�s property as well as to third parties. Only opne person can be additional driver.

Dorp Off & Pick-up;

Free drop off & pick-up service is available within city borders during office working hours. Service fee is charged for drop off & pick-up to and from places no our company & its partner�s office exixts. For service fee and futher details, contact us.

Delayed Return;

If the delay is exceeded by 3 hours, the full day rental rate is charged e.g. the applicable rate.


It is a must that the renter are fully insured by the way law orders and to make insurance offers according to the customers requrements. There are two types of protection insurances offered by us. The first type is the insurance, applied by the goverment sukes that is THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE and the second type is the voluntary insurance and waivers which are the COLLUSION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW). Collusion Damage WAiver, Third Party Liability insurance and theft protection are included in our rates.


In case of accident, the vehicle must not be moved from the accident site and the accident and alcohol reports must be obtained from the nearst police or gendarmerie station in order to have the insurance of Collusion Damage Wavier remain valid and call us. Otherwise CDW is considered void.

Traffic Fines;

Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations that incur during the rental period are charged to the renter.


You can fill-out "booking form" as a request and we reply it within 24 hours and you should give us all detail of car rental with your valid credit card detail then your reservation can be confirmed and we will send you "confirmation" by e-mail or by fax.

Cancellation Policy;

Cancellation should be informed us at least 48 hours before pick-up date. Uninformed cancellation will be treated as a "No Show" and one day rental rate will be charged from your credit card.


One blank credit card slip will be taken at the time of issuing contract as a deposit (for extend day, gassoline differences... etc) and we will give you back at the end of the rental.