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Frequently Asked Questions
About Insurance

+ Which kind of insurance the cars have?
- The car has a full insurance (CASCO). It is not valid for the front window, tires or headlight. An extra insurance can be bought dependent upon your request.

+ What if I had an accident?
- If the car must be changed, we deliver a new car to you. You can call us and get help for the actions to be taken in the event of an accident.

+ What happens if the car has a mechanical problem?
- If there is a problem that does not depend on the driver, Andifli will be responsible for it. If it is driver’s fault, the driver is responsible for it. The insurance does not cover the mechanical problems. The report given by the authorized service is important and valid.

+ Can more than a person drive the car?
- Everyone whose name is mentioned in the contract can drive the car. The drivers must have their driving licence with them. The casco does not cover the damages out of the contract caused by the drivers.

About Vehicles

+ Are the vehicles new?
- All of our vehicles are new. There are no vehicle over 3 ages in our fleet.

+ Can I get the car I reserved?
- Yes. If the reserved car is not available, we supply a similar car; if a similar one is also not available, we supply you a car in higher segment.

+ Can I get the car out of your offices?
- Andifli gives this opportunity to you, and we do not ask for an extra fee from you within the borders of the cities in which our delivery offices are located.

+ What do I need for the contract?
- You need your driving licence, credit card, accommodation address and phone number. Please ask for a copy of your contract that shows the amount you paid.

+ How long can I rent the car?
- There is no time limit for that.

+ How is your price policy?
- We have a changeable price policy that is dynamic and can change according to instant actions in the related region.

+ Can the campaigns be combined?
- It is not possible.

+ Can I travel abroad with the car?
- No, it is not possible to travel abroad with the rental cars.

+ How can I pay traffic fines?
- If the fine is written to your TC number, the driver of the vehicle must make the payment. When the fines are written to the licence plate, we are informed about the fine, and then it is transferred from the customer’s credit card. A discount is applied for the traffic fine, if it is paid in 15 days from the notification date. Handling fee of the traffic fine is also transferred synchronously.

+ Do your vehicles have HGS? How can we pay for it?
- We are informed about HGS usage by highway commission at the end of the rental. HGS usage fee is transferred from your credit card. It is possible that the transfer process is delayed since the procedure is related to the highway commission. When our customers whose rental car has HGS pass through OGS toll booths, these are illegal transitions, and will be charged to the customers by transferring the fee from their credit cards.

About Transfers

+ How can the driver find me?
- Our driver will meet you at “meeting point” in the arrivals area at the airport with a sheet written “Andifli” on it.

+ If the driver cannot find me and I cannot find him, what happens?
- Don’t worry about this matter, we have an authorized assistant at all airports who can help you in such cases.

+ What happens in case of delays?
- Our operation follows-up your flight info at the screen. The driver is informed in case of a delay. When the delay is extended or the flight is cancelled, your transfer request is kept for 24 hours. You can renew your transfer service without an extra payment.

+ When I make a reservation from hotel to airport, how can I determine my transfer time?
- When you make the reservation, write your departure time first, and then indicate the transfer time from the hotel. You should be at the airport before 2 hours for the international flights, and 1.5 hours for the domestic flights. Please inform us about the transfer time by adding your flight duration (If there is a problem about your transfer time, we will inform you and make the necessary change).

+ What should I do for the baby & child seat or the seat lifter demand?
- During the reservation, you can determine the number of “Baby/Child Seat” and write the type of the seat and the age of your child in the box which is available in the reservation form.

+ If receiving the luggage takes too long at the airport, what should I do?
- In case of a delay, please inform us by using one of the communication channels.

+ If I have an extra luggage except the suitcase and handbag, what should I do? What should I do if I have a pet?
- You should specify the type of your luggage and its size in the reservation from. You also should specify the kind of your pet and cage size. Related info will be given to you when confirming the reservation.

*You can ask for a break in an urgent need during the transfer.
*It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes, tobacco and electronic cigarettes in the vehicles.