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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

1. Driving Licence

For ECMR-ECMD-ECAR-CDMR-CDMD-CDAR-IDMD categories, you must be minimum 21 years old and have a driving licence for 2 years. For SDMR-SDMD-SDAR-SDMD-IDAR-IDAD-CWMR-CWMD and IWMR categories, to be 23 years old and have a driving licence at least for 2 years, for FDMR-FDAR-FDMD-FDAD-CPAR-CWMD+2 classes, to be 25 years old and have a driving licence at least for 2 years is obligatory. For SVMD-SWMD-LDAR categories, to be 28 years old or have a driving licence valid at least for 3 years is obligatory.

*Daily charge for young drivers is 5 EURO. The drivers who have a driving licence for 2-3 years related to vehicle classes but cannot rent upper class cars because of age limit can rent the cars in this category by paying the “young driver fee”.

2. Additional Driver

Daily €2,95 (+VAT) is paid to Andifli Car Rental as the additional driver fee. All of the drivers must be registered to the rental contract when receiving the car. Otherwise, the insurance will be invalid in case of an accident or damage, and both the renter and the additional driver will be considered responsible. When this is the case, renter and additional driver will be charged for rental car damages and also for damages to third parties if necessary.

3. Fuel Oil Policy

A full gas tank is not obligatory. When the driver brings the car back, gas tank must be in the same level when receiving the car. If the gas tank is not at the same level when delivering the car, it is possible that the renter must pay a higher fee than the normal litre costs.

4. Km Limit

Daily km limit is 250 km. Km excess is charged 0,25 TL+VAT/km (for middle, high class and midibus rentals, km excess fee is 0,40 TL+VAT/km). For less than 1 month and/or monthly rentals, km limit is maximum 3500 km. Km limits can differ according to the vehicle classes during the long-term rentals. Please contact our reservation department by telephone/e-mail for detailed information.

5. Insurance

Third party financial responsibility insurance, exempt car insurance, exempt robbery insurance are included to the prices. If the car is stolen, renter must necessarily submit the licence and the car key. Otherwise it will be specified as exploitation of safety in the scope of the insurance, and the insurance will be invalid. Apart from car insurance, if the tires, glasses and headlights (LCF/TWH) are not insured additionally, the insurance does not comprise the damages of tires, glasses and headlights, and the renter covers the expenses. The damages occur related to the under frame are not included in the scope of the insurance, and the renter will be the absolute responsible. Renter accepts in advance to cover the expenses occur as a result of misusage, reckless driving or wrong fuel.

If a person who is not registered on the rental contract drives the car, if the car is overloaded with too many passengers, if the renter drives the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs and in case of an accident happens related to the stated reasons, the insurance will definitely not cover the costs, and the renter will be responsible for the damages. When the renter drives the car on the roads under construction or off-roads and if the car is damaged due to this reason, the insurance will be invalid and the renter have to cover the related costs.

6. Additional Options and Prices

With the extra options that will be offered to you during the reservation or when receiving the car, you can enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant driving experience; and with the additional insurances, you will have a riskless and a peaceful travel.

7. Top Cover CDW

The damages not related to a crash, not exceed 500 TL of costs (parking place, tiny scratches, tires-glasses-headlights damages etc.) and declared by the customer will be included in the scope without any police report.

8. Exempt Accident Insurance (SECW)

According to the reserved auto-group, there are different exemption costs between 300 Euros and 1200 Euros under customer responsibility. In case of a damage occurs, the renter accepts to pay the exemption cost between 300 – 1200 Euros according to the auto-group without considering the cost of the damage. If the customer wants, he/she gets this optional insurance and extinguishes this exemption cost, and does not take any responsibility in case of a damage occurs (on condition that submitting alcohol and traffic police report).

9. Accident/Breakdown/Stealing

In case of an accident, the photos of the scene are taken without moving the car anywhere, police or military police must be informed and the accident must be reported by the police or military police. Andifli Car Rental station must be informed as well. The reports must state very clearly if the customer drives the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you do not inform police or military police about the accident and remove the auto from the scene, the insurance will be invalid and all responsibility of the damage will be on customer side. The cost of the exemption (excess) under customer responsibility will be invalid, and customer will take the responsibility of covering the total costs.

Any kind of damage on the rental car must be reported to Andifli Car Rental station immediately. The police or Andifli Car Rental office must be informed even the car is damaged in parking position, and the statement related to the damage must be taken down. All of the statements, reports and vehicle documents must be submitted to Andifli Car Rental station by the customer personally. In general terms, the customer must report all damages to Andifli Car Rental station without considering the severity of the damage. The damages and accidents happen unwittingly are commented as customer remissness and the costs related to the accident or damage are covered by the customer.

10. Traffic Fines/Highway Usage

At the end of the rental, as agreed by the customer at the beginning of the rental, traffic fines that have not been determined during the rental or reported later will be transferred from customer’s credit card by informing the customer in advance. 20 (twenty) TL + VAT handling fee will be applied for each operation. Each vehicle has a HGS tag and 15 (fifteen) TL + VAT handling fee will be added to the usage amount during the rental, and it will be covered by the customer.

11. Provision

Your credit card regulated in your own name will be blocked between 700.00TL – 2.500.00TL during car rental according to the vehicle groups. Two credit cards can be requested for high-end autos when necessary. If there is not an additional payment obligation, blocking will be removed at the end of the rental by giving an instruction to the bank. The blockaded amount will be deposited into your account in 15 working days related to the banking transactions. The duration for foreign credit cards can be extended to 20 days related to international banking transactions. We would like to emphasize that the possible delay does not depend on our company, it depends on the banking transactions. Cash blocking will not be accepted in our offices. In case of insufficient funds for blocking, invalid credit cards in the name of renter or invalid driving licences, a vehicle cannot be supplied even if the rental is confirmed. This kind of cases are considered as NO-SHOW and any refund will be processed.

12. Cancellation Policy

1 –If you cancel your reservation 48 hours before vehicle rental date and time, 20 Euros will be charged to you and the rest will be paid back to your account.

2 –If you cancel your reservation before less than 48 hours of vehicle rental date and time and if you complete the payment, 50 – 100 Euros will be charged to you (The amount between 50 – 100 Euros differs according to the vehicle group and season of the rental. Cancellations must be confirmed over our call center).

3 – If the total amount of your online payment is 50 Euros and less, no refund is possible.

4 – All cancellations must be processed over web-site or via e-mail. Any cancellation/change by telephone is not acceptable.

5 – No cancellation or change is possible 24 hours or less before the rental time.