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Rental Conditions
Rental Conditions


The “LESSOR” rents to the “LESSEE”  and both parties agree to observe the conditions mentioned below.


1) The lessee,with his signature, acknowledges that he received the vehicle in proper operating condition, five tyres in good condition, accessories and car registration papers and agrees to return the vehicle under the same condition on the agreed date, time and place. 

2) Lessee undertakes that the vehicle not to be used;
a- To transport goods in violation of laws and custom regulations,or for any other illegal purposes.
b- To push or tow any vehicle or object
c- In motor spors ( rall racing, speed testing or testing or reliability trials.
d- To drive on roads not open to and unsuitable for normal traffic,
e- To exceed the limits established by traffic regulations and manifacturer for the number of passengers and / or load capacity for be carried in the vehicle. Alsa to carry inflamable loads.
f- By anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
g- For paid carriage of passengers or goods whatever the method of payment.

3) The vehicle may not be driven by persons other than whose names are written in the rental agreement.

4) The Lessee undertakes to park the said vehicle in a safe place, closed and locked, when not use.

5) The Lessee , undertakes to pay for the reissuing expenses ,and the rental charges for the time passed, in the event of registration papers and/or plates not being returned with the car.

6) Confiscation of the car by authorities, due to the Lessee or not Lessee undertakes to pay all the rescue expenses as well as the rental charges.

7) Traffic fines, ticket, subsequent administrative sanctions and damages caused to the car being towed resultıng form traffic violations incurred during the rental perıod are at lessee’s expense

8) Since the Lessor is not the manufacturer of the vehicle, he cannot be liable for any loss or defect resulting directly form a mechanical defect of said vehicle or the accessories, from an accident or other reason.

9) Vehicles cannot leave the Turkısh border.

10) The Lessee, shall in no event assign or sell the vehicle.

11) Lessee agrees to storage of his personal data, in case default of payment or under conditions  in violation of agreement. 

12) Any infraction of any these undertakings empowers the Lessor to dernand return of the vehicle fortwith, without being required to furnish justification or make any payment whatever .

13) Lessor preseves the right,not to extend or to cancel the rental contract.

14) The petrol is for the Lessee’s account

15) Any disputes arising here under shall be referred to the Kas Law courts and execution courts to be resolved under Turkish Laws.


B. MAINTENNANCE: Lesseee, during the rental period, will be responsible of the periodical maintenance (water level,tyre pressure etc.) of the vehicle. These will be done free of charge by Lessor’s offices 


C. REPAİR:  Normal menhanical wear ,repair expenses are for account of the Lessor , however,in the event of any damage or repair caused from the fault or negligiance of the Lesse, such as driving without oil or water,or freeezing of the motor or similar,  Lessee agrees to pay all the damages and expenses. 


D. PAYMENT: The Lessee is personaliy liable to pay  the rental in accordance with the current tariffs and terms .The final calculation will be made on completion of rental. Car rental is 24 hours. Weekly or monthly rentals are counted as 7 days and 30 days. Delays exceeding 3 hours are charged as a full day.



All th vehicles have compulsory third party insurance. 

 Lessee, under no circumstaces will interfere the damaged vehicle ,and will report any accident, theft or fire to Lessor ant to the nearest authority (traffic police ,local polıce or gendarmeary ) immeditely, unless excused by the doctor’s repot.

A statement must always be taken by the police at the scene of the accident. The statement must be handed to the Lessee within 48 hours along with an accident report ,alcohol report and the names and addreses of the other party. Changes to the official statement will not be accepted

In the event of theft of the vehicle, the Lessee has to report to the nearest authorifty and to the Lessor immediately, Lessee is responsible to pay the rental on the due tariff basis for the first 45 days ,if the vehicle cannot be found.

F. ALL THE INSURANCES  ARE VOID if any of the General terms and conditions No 2 (A-G) are violated