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Orange Paradise

Located in the west of Antalya, Finike is famous for its oranges, ancient city and natural beauties. During orange season, you can smell the orange blossoms all over the city; this is where the famous Finike Orange that you hear in the neighborhood markets is grown. Known as a famous and important port city throughout history, Finike has been home to many civilizations and has been used as a capital by the Lycian people. For photography lovers, the sunset view is not to be missed. Finike, where the nature, history and sea are united, should definitely be on your route during your visit to Antalya.

The Ancient City of Arykanda; The ancient city, whose exact date of foundation is not known, was discovered in 1838 and has been completely unearthed in the excavations carried out for 42 years. It is certainly worth visiting its mosaic houses on the lower town, its agora on the upper city, the parliament building, the theater and the stadium of 120 meters long.