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Sea, Mountains and Pine Forests

Kemer is located 43 km west of Antalya. It has a 52-km coastline combined with a territory surrounded by mountains of pine forests and splendid natural beauty. It hosts many touristic destinations, luxurious holiday resorts, nature parks, crystal clear waters and beaches.

Tekirova; Located about 17 km west of Kemer, Tekirova is one of Kemer’s most popular holiday destinations. It is known for its extremely clean and clear sea, blue-flagged beaches. Compared to many places around this area, it is quieter and more peaceful offering a holiday in touch with nature. Diving and sea parachuting are amongst the activities offered. Tekirova, which looks like a small neighborhood at first glance, is very close to the ancient cities of Phaselis, Olympos and Tahtalı Mountain, and thus, it is not only a place to go for sea and sun tourism. Çamyuva and Çıralı are also among the popular attractions of Kemer.