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The Antalya Museum

Located in the west of Antalya. World-famous Konyaaltı Beach has taken its name from the district of Konyaaltı. Because of its position on the cliffs, the local community called the district as “Koyaltı [Beneath the Bay],” which gradually became “Konyaaltı.” Konyaaltı is the largest center in the area, where you can find shops, markets, pharmacies, theaters, cinemas, electronical devices and a large number of stores and where you can supply the freshest products such as meat, fish, vegetables and milk. Many festivals are held in the district, which is rich in culture. You are likely to come across a festival in the Cumhuriyet Square, the Kent Square or the Beach Park concert arena.

In Konyaaltı, it is possible to have a vibrant, dynamic and lively holiday in every aspect. The Antalya Museum, the most important museum of Antalya, is located in Konyaaltı. It is one of Turkey’s largest museums opened in 1922 by Suleyman Fikri Erten. It was founded during the Independence War in order to protect artifacts from the Italians. The Antalya Museum is a must-see site with its large collection of about 70 thousand artifacts.